About Us

...Two girls from two different continents. Our families are good friends and different members of each family have stayed in the others' homes, but we (Elyssa and Christella) have never met face-to-face.  Our friendship has been with miles of ocean between us with the help of letters and emails, but we are best friends. Why? We have many things in common, and we've both experienced Jesus love, and share a passion for sharing Him with others.  

stop press! now we have met! 
...and the latest is, we are sisters!

We're on a journey to get to know Him better. To understand more clearly the wonderful plan of salvation, His mercy, justice, and grace. This blog contains snippets of our journeying closer to God and what He wants us to be. We are seeking His high standard for our lives and striving to be the best that we can be. 

We hope that what you read on this blog might encourage you to join us in...
Pressing forward together,
Christella and Elyssa

I am a country girl who is enthusiastic about life. I am a pilgrim on the heavenward journey and a stranger here below. I love my heavenly Father, and my Saviour Jesus Christ. They mean more than the world to me! My interests and the things I enjoy doing could go from sea to sea and I delight in adventuring and attempting new things. I relish my books, and find expression in writing. I love to sew, and find joy in the kitchen. I get carried away in looking through a lens and clicking buttons, capturing precious moments in photo memories. I find relaxation and joy in running my fingers along black and white keys that make music and quiet moments to think and to pray to be priceless. I find interest in almost anything that has to do with femininity and practicality, but really above all else, I want you to be able to see Jesus in me and come to love Him with a love stronger than death.

My name is Christella and I grew up with two handfuls of family around me. From toddlers up it progressed from sharing beds, to bunks, then to rooms. With brothers-in-law, the above-new sister, nephews and precious nieces added to the lump of "us", there's (now) 21 in all (so far.) We're nestled in the Aussie bush, with emus, goats, horses, and donkeys to make the landscape even more picturesque. My goal in life is to be a blessing to all I come in contact with. And by God's grace I'm learning to cultivate inner beauty. My sideline is to be a pianist. My real passion in life is loving Jesus and living for Him. ...oh, and looking forward with all my heart to heaven. Truly - it is so good!

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