Friday, November 9, 2012

We Met, Finally!! :-)

After writing for around 7 years, and co-authoring this blog for three, on a rainy October day not long ago, we met. The day we've talked of and imagined and dreamed about, finally came! Couldn't be more pleased! It was so special! Christella truly is an amazing, sweet, godly, special, precious, fun (and I'm sure I could think of more adjectives to describe her) girl! :-) 

Love you and miss you! So glad Dad and I were able to go to Australia and meet you and some of your family as well! :-)

P.S. I must add, as the other party who also met my good friend and blog co-author for the first time, I too was thrilled. Elyssa is both what I imagined and totally not. (All in a good way.) She's both serious and good to talk to and lots of fun. And just as I knew it'd be, we're better friends than ever. Love ya! ~Christella 
P.P.S. I'm scheming for how I can get her back to Australia.


  1. What a blessing! I'm so happy for you both and love the work you do to encourage people in their relationship with the Lord.

  2. I'm really happy you were both able to meet finally. It was also great to meet you too, Elyssa! ;-) Oh, and that's a great picture of you both! ;-)


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