Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?

I began to play the familiar hymn I'd played so often, but this time the words: "Must Jesus bear the cross alone, And all the world go free?" touched me in a way they'd never before and tears began to form in my eyes. Truly, Jesus has born the hardest and largest cross anyone could ever bear. He has been for ages and is still bearing the sorrows and griefs of this world, must He bear it all alone? When the blessings and the gift of love out weigh my petty trials which they do in every case, how could I be so cruel as to complain that my lot in life is too hard? Is a little sorrow, a little pain, a little cross too much for me to share and are my cherished dreams and possessions and people too big to give up for One who's given all for me?

Oh dear Father, remind me each time I start to lose my focus. I don't want Jesus to have to bear the cross alone.


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