Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'E' would happen to be....

"'E', Mum, what is a good original 'e' word?" there was a momentary silence as we walked in the dim twilight, back from the garden and goats.
I added, "I wish "f" was one of the letters in "GreaThings". It is the first letter of so many things I'm grateful for -- especially family... and friends.
"I've already thought of one word that I'm grateful for, but I want my wonderful family to have a mention some where in this challenge."
"Encouragement," she simply offered. 
That was the word I was wanting...
"Thanks, Mum." I turned and smiled. Despite the near darkness, I saw her return the smile.

We fell back to silence again as I thought about how much my family have encouraged me. My parents -- the ones that pour their lives into giving me a firm foundation for life. Parents do so much, yet it's easy to take them for granted. I don't want to though. So this year, I'm taking the opportunity to thank God for them; their encouragement and persistence in raising my siblings and I -- even on our rascal-ie days.

As for my siblings, they really do keep me human. ;) Full of practical advice for my improvement and honest to a fault; it certainly helps keep me humble... but I appreciate it. I love them all so much.

Over the years, God has brought many friends across my path. Some of them are but distant memories; some only a phone call away -- or email, as I prefer that method. I thank God for them all though, as He has used each to encourage me in different ways. I'd fill up this blog post to mention you all, but nonetheless you know who you are; also know that you are each, very appreciated and loved.

Oh, and all you blogger friends out there, that are striving for the heavenly goal and sharing your journey: thank you for being a tool in God's hands. You're all an encouragement.

Early. I mostly like that word. You know, early in arriving some place, versus late; early harvests... Sometimes I don't like that word though -- like when something I don't want happening, comes early. 
But combined with another word, it's one of my best friends.

Early mornings.
I smile as my mind's eye sees again the faint light as it slowly brushes the sky with tints of yellow and pink: banishing the night. My favorite time of the day. Even though my personal habits change over time subject to the seasons, I always enjoy it. In winter, it's through glass windows. (either that, or putting 7 layers on and venturing out) When it warms up though, I love to take a walk in those crisp early hours. The chilly air stings my face, but the air is so pure and fresh. They say that in nature you see a picture of God -- I'd say that it's most true in the early mornings (and in my favorite season -- spring.) ;-)

Meeting with God early in the morning sets a whole tone to my day. If I don't do it one day -- I know it. My day is much harder. But not just that, I miss the fellowship with God in His word. Some days I can sense His presence; recognize His voice in the Scripture speaking to me. Other days, I can't. Yet I persist in my quest to know Him ever better, as it is by faith that I climb the ladder to heaven, not feeling. On the days when I feel very far from God, I know that, "He is not far from every one of us." Acts 17:27

I will admit, there a days when I do miss out on this blessing, or feel like skipping out....
That's when Natasha's words spoken in Europe resound:
"Man shall not live by sleep alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

Early mornings. Encouragement given by family, friends and my God.
Daily gifts that help me press forward.
Thank You, Father for these "e" words!

stop press!
.....And Elisha! The one who made the hilarious speech at Cherith's wedding -- yeah, he's back home right now. Which means, lots of talking, working together, besides keeping me on my toes. This afternoon, we had a sudden thunderstorm. Hail and heavy sheets of rain pounded the thirsty ground.
Bursting into my room (after knocking), he announced, "It's time to garden now! This is just what I've been wanting. You coming?"
I hesitated, wondering whether I really did want to get saturated.
"You want to come, I know it!" he beamed convincingly.
He succeeded. We cracked up laughing as we ran out in the rain to the 4WD with the trailer on the hitch.  We had to empty it. When down at the garden, two kms away, we got slightly cold -- you know how the wind chills after rain? Soon though, it was just the grand thunder, and the sun peeked out. We worked past dark, and as we came back I knew I had to add him to this post. I am definitely thankful for my brother too! 


  1. Nice journal Stella,
    and beautiful sunrise picture too!

  2. LOL at the Elisha part! :D really cracked me up!

  3. Ohhh, I love this post! :D I am so thankful for all the Encouragments God gives me in my life too. :-)

    And... I would have so enjoyed and loved running out in that storm with you! :D Sounds like so much fun!

  4. I love this post too. Parents and siblings are amazing blessings; and I hope I never take them for granted. God has given me my family that is amazing. They keep me humble too :)


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