Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Do Good Children, Go Bad?

Yeah, why? Especially as I look around, I've wondered about that... alot.

I now know the answer to my question. I found it while reading a little book. A book that though written over a hundred years ago, was just re-discovered in the last decade and re-published, because it is still relevant, today.

This book gives the cause -- and the prevention.

I began reading it yesterday. I finished it today. And I was left inspired. Inspired to tell others about this little book. To utilize the things I learnt from it, when I get married and become a mother one day.

No, this book isn't just for mothers. Father's need it too. Even if you're doing it 'right', you will still be benefited by this little book. And after you've read it, you'll want to pass it on. It could quite likely, determine the destiny of the children.

As she says in it, "This book has to do with trifles, things too insignificant to be noticed, and yet mighty in their results... Come reason with me in this life or death quest to save the children."

P.S. You can read part of this book online, or buy the paperback like we did.


  1. I think we could benefit from reading that book as a family now.... thank you for telling us about it!

    1. It's not exactly a read-aloud book for little ones, but yes, you will be blessed! I'm glad to pass the word along, as most people don't know of this wonderful book. :)

  2. Well, we won't have any little ones here but it's a topic close to my heart as I've seen some young adults fall away over the years.


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