Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Love Where I Live

I love where I live
'cause it has so much to give.
in spring, in summer, in fall
in winter and all. 

So pretty, it's coat of green
sky so blue with fluffs of white.

Oh, I say, 'what vain a scene
to be so pleasing a sight!'

Grass, made golden by the sun
gently waving in the breeze.
Rolling hills 'n roaming horses
Scrubby brushes and gorgeous trees.

I hear the laughing creeks,
singing birds and crows shrill shrieks 

croaking toads and buzzing bees,

cat's soft purr and rustling leaves.

How I love the country so
For I see real stars at night.
I belong here, I just know
when in awe I can not write
as I see God's mighty show
every day in every sight.

~Poem and photo's by Elyssa Sims

So blessed... to see God's handy-work all around me every day...
Though I'm thankful to live here, and as much as I like it here, I'm looking forward to a better country, even an heavenly. There the beauty will be un-describable but best of all, we'll behold the beauty and glory of our lovely Jesus! Let's press forward and get the work done quickly, so Jesus can come and we can go home!


  1. Beautiful pictures, poem, and thoughts, sister! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Elyssa!
    Only, I must say... after being free of them, I don't think I could ever be thankful for croakin' toads... We don't have any here, but we did where we used to live. When we went back for a visit, I realized I'd completely forgotten about their existence. (I was rather chagrined to remember them.) But I guess, they are a real pest over here (thanks to the English introducing them), but they're native over there, so you may as well be thankful. :P I like frogs though.

    1. :) I suppose they might could be a pest, but they aren't a pest here. :) They just give us nice music in the summer. :D

    2. Oh and we do have many more frogs than toads.

  3. Beautiful pictures and beautiful poem!


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