Saturday, March 31, 2012


I'm sitting on a big rock in the creek bed. I've just finished reciting Acts chapter 1, 2, and 3. The birds chirps and trills, combined with the gurgling of the water, makes calming music.
But I'm alert. Tense. Thinking. Trying desperately to put the matter into words.

I caught a glimpse of a fierce war, the other day. Worse and far more serious than WWI or II. A fight to the death. It electrified my senses. Made me fear for my life, the lives of my family and freinds. Everyone's life.

Though I can't see it with my eyes, it is just as real as the Iraqi war, today. The battle is for my big brother's soul. My little sister's. My father's. The teenager walking down the street. Mine. Yours. Everybody's!

I already know which side will win. That was determined on the cross, when the champion of love died and rose again triumphant.

I know you've heard the story before. But wait! Listen! The defeated enemy continues to fight. Not in a frontal attack, but slyly. He's literally setting a trap for you, right now. Calculated to send you to hell right along with him. It's so well planned, nobody would ever guess. Satan sucks us in, with things we enjoy.
Dress. Food. TV. Movies. Games. Music. Books. All of it.
Thing is, when he succeds in trapping us, he throws a blindfold over our eyes so that we cannot tell that we are lassoed; on the broad way; cruising to hell.
We cannot trust ourselves in this battle.
But there is hope. Jesus too, is fighting for each one. He doesnt use co-ercion or deceit. He wins with love. He offers a bright future.

How can we know a trap and avoid it? Jesus gave us a yardstick to measure things by.
"He that is not with me is against me..." Matthew 12:30
Does that book I want to read, exalt God and draw me nearer? If not -- it is the devil's trap. It's that simple.

There is no middle ground.

(My next blog post, "Saved!?" continues from here.)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Love Where I Live

I love where I live
'cause it has so much to give.
in spring, in summer, in fall
in winter and all. 

So pretty, it's coat of green
sky so blue with fluffs of white.

Oh, I say, 'what vain a scene
to be so pleasing a sight!'

Grass, made golden by the sun
gently waving in the breeze.
Rolling hills 'n roaming horses
Scrubby brushes and gorgeous trees.

I hear the laughing creeks,
singing birds and crows shrill shrieks 

croaking toads and buzzing bees,

cat's soft purr and rustling leaves.

How I love the country so
For I see real stars at night.
I belong here, I just know
when in awe I can not write
as I see God's mighty show
every day in every sight.

~Poem and photo's by Elyssa Sims

So blessed... to see God's handy-work all around me every day...
Though I'm thankful to live here, and as much as I like it here, I'm looking forward to a better country, even an heavenly. There the beauty will be un-describable but best of all, we'll behold the beauty and glory of our lovely Jesus! Let's press forward and get the work done quickly, so Jesus can come and we can go home!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Do Good Children, Go Bad?

Yeah, why? Especially as I look around, I've wondered about that... alot.

I now know the answer to my question. I found it while reading a little book. A book that though written over a hundred years ago, was just re-discovered in the last decade and re-published, because it is still relevant, today.

This book gives the cause -- and the prevention.

I began reading it yesterday. I finished it today. And I was left inspired. Inspired to tell others about this little book. To utilize the things I learnt from it, when I get married and become a mother one day.

No, this book isn't just for mothers. Father's need it too. Even if you're doing it 'right', you will still be benefited by this little book. And after you've read it, you'll want to pass it on. It could quite likely, determine the destiny of the children.

As she says in it, "This book has to do with trifles, things too insignificant to be noticed, and yet mighty in their results... Come reason with me in this life or death quest to save the children."

P.S. You can read part of this book online, or buy the paperback like we did.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Those Things of Worth Unmeasured

I haven't been writing or been in the bloggy land much recently, so though most of my poems lay hidden away in there various places, I thought I'd post this one so you'd know I'm still alive! :) I'll get to writing again, hopefully soon. :)

It isn't the things that you do, 
It's the things that you've left undone.
The tender words unspoken,
The silken threads of love un-spun.

The helping hand and smile not lent,
The weary destitute not cheered,
The quiet hours on knees unspent,
for so you had no time, you feared.

It isn't the things you do,
But 'tis those things you've left undone,
That will give you pain and heartache,
at the setting of the sun.

Oh leave you not undone in life
Those things of worth unmeasured.
Reach out and touch, and give of 
Your time, for that is what's treasured.

In service there is joy;
In contentment there is fulfillment. 
So leave you not undone in life,
Those things of worth unmeasured.


Swallowing Acts

(explanation, here)
P.S. This method of memorization, can be disastrous (eg. having to dry wet pages, yep right after this picture, it fell in the full sink!)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mark of a Man

I had high hopes. 100% was my goal. We got there early and waited outside until the doors opened. Paperwork over with, I began my test. I was happy, my studying had been enough. The questions were answered in quick succession. Then came one that momentarily baffled me. This had not been in the book! There were three options for an answer, I picked what I thought was most likely. Wrong. My heart sank. My 100% just went out the window... no chance of that now. The number on the question got higher and higher, closer to the end of the test. Excited about it almost over, I answered it without thinking... long enough. Wrong again. I winced. No, no, no! This cannot be! Two more questions answered correctly. Finished. I stood up, nervously. My supervisor came over. She looked at the test and results. A sympathetic look crossed her face. I knew. "Sorry, you missed it by just 'that' much!"
My eyes welled up. My chin quivered. "I'll just need you to sign here, please." She passed me the pen. With tears silently streaking my cheeks, I obeyed. She handed me a tissue.
Smiling comfortingly, she offered, "Well, if you like, you can come back at 10:30 to have another go." I smiled through my tears and stumbled down the stairs, outside to our car. Where was Mum? I leaned against the locked car, no longer crying silently. As I sobbed, all I could think of was my friends who had all gotten 100%. I felt so humilated! Why did I get those two wrong? I moved away from the car and looked up. Mum! Relief washed over me. She was way up the street, but coming! I walked on the footpath to meet her. Mum could see my face. "What happened?" she asked.
I hugged her and leaned on her shoulder, still sobbing. "I fail-ed!"
"How come?"
I told her about the two questions.
"I guess we'll have to just come back another day for you to try again," she offered practically.
"No, we don't. She said I can come back at 10:30," I stated, still crying.
"What?! They never let you do again on the same day!" Surprise was written on her face.
The tears kept coursing down my cheeks. I failed. I failed!
"Let's to go to TAFE now," Mum suggested.
"I don't feel like going anywhere!" I told her.
Mum looked at me. "Sweetheart. There are still people in this town that cannot live in their houses, due to flood damage. There are quite a lot still in temporary accomadation."
"Yeah. That is bad. But, you don't understand, because you never had to do this test!"
"Look, Christella. You need to face this with maturity. It's only a little disappointment."
The word "maturity" triggered my memory. Only a few days previous, I had read many inspiring stories about the lives of composers. One quote from the book repeated, fresh in my mind.
"The mark of a true man is if he faces disaster and triumph, the same (by the grace of God)."
What if that is the mark of a true woman too? I wondered.
Even though I had already stopped crying, I still felt hurt and humiliated. Now, I let that go. I better chin up, now is the time for me to practise that principle. It was difficult to smile. But after I made that decision and surrendered it to God, I could. It hadn't felt nice to be 'admonished' or 'rebuked', as Solomon would've called it, by Mum. But, afterwards I really appreciated it. Solomon's word's were right in this matter.
"Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee." Proverbs 9:8
Even though it hurts my pride to be corrected, I love Mum and (others) more later, for caring enough to do it.
This was my chance. To put into practise "the mark of a true (wo)man".
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