Saturday, February 25, 2012

Face the Lions

I'm lying on my bed reading The Cross and It's Shadow. The sentence jumps out at me. "...Daniel...faced hungry lions rather than have any interruption in his communion with God."
Conviction sets in. Everyday, I let things get in the way of my communication with God. I wince. I know that what I do today determines my strength of character in the future. At this rate, would I, could I stand to face the lions? I realize that I've slipped out of the habit of 'walking-prayer'.
Soon, Mum sends me to feed the little bucks and lock up the bucks for the night. And as I walk, I talk to God... and pray --

"God help me! Help me to be so connected to you, that I would face hungry lions, (if need be), rather than interrupt our connection."


  1. Convicted right along with you. . . powerfully convicted. Thanks for sharing, Christella, it was just what I needed.

  2. I have recently been convicted of the same thing. I want my communication with God to be such an ingrained part of my life that nothing will keep from having that connection with Him. Thanks for sharing, Christy.

  3. Same here... That sentence does put things into perspective doesn't it? Interestingly enough I guess, it was that attitude of his that made it possible to face the lions without fear.


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