Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Sister's Romance, part 7

The photos...

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Jana and I, along with our two brother-in-law photographers, left in the convertible. Bethany's Ben, drove the short distance to an elderly lady's beautiful garden.

Ben and Cherith left in their decorated "Just Married" car.

Apart from the neat, beautiful gardens,

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the lady's place backed onto the river.


Multiple cameras clicked constantly.

Problem was, which one to smile at?

The pictures from the lady's place were beautiful.

Handsome groomsmen.

We enjoyed ourselves. That is, until we heard the disturbing news of our next destination.

"You seriously said, 'mental assylum?'" Half of us asked. The answer was "yes." I wasn't too worried, I trusted my brother-in-laws good judgement. The drive wasn't too long.

I recognized the place when I saw it. Lush green fields backed by a creek and weeping willows. The occupants of the field was what I recognized most. The mostly tame kangaroos. All skeptics were silenced. It was beautiful.

We arranged ourselves for bridal party shots. One big boomer decided to join in. My nephew, Caleb ran away, he wasn't to confident about this big one. The last wild, little kangaroo he had tried to pat had lightly scratched his face. This one was very close. I wasn't sure if he would eat my roses, so I kept them out of his way.

Enough of these photos were taken and we were told of our next move.

"There is a really nice old church here. It's just around the bend."

Many piled into cars.

Ben and Cherith stayed behind, they were being captured forever with constant clicking of shutters.

But a few of us decided going around the bend wasn't worth the hassle of getting into a car. We were wrong. The bend produced more bends. Soon, Jessica and I were regretting our choice. Our shoes were not 5 stars for comfort. Finally, we did reach the church. We all crowded on the steps. After that, photos were taken in-between fun and laughter.

The flowergirls went down the long slippery-slide, with their Daddy catching them.

Ben twirled Cherith around until they were both dizzy. Lastly, we made our way to the river.

Ben and Cherith were now the only ones being photographed, so being cold, we girls borrowed the boys' suit jackets. The sun was setting on the lake, making gorgeous shots.

But at 7, the newly-weds had had enough, they left for their honeymoon in the mountains. In moments, they were gone. The rest of us followed en suite, going our different ways.

The end...

Mum and Dad along with a few friends and relatives had stayed at the hall to clean up. We got changed and went to help them finish off. The kind caterers had stayed to clean the kitchen. Even though, they hadn't slept for 38 hours. A few hours later and it was just a few last sibs left there. It was late, but everything was cleaned up. We went back to Ben and Bethany's. Ben was downloading some of the pictures onto his laptop.

Looking at some of them, the reality hit in.

The wedding day was over. But their future had just begun. That day was just one special piece in the puzzle of their life that God was revealing day-by-day, as they now walked together, hand-in-hand.


  1. Aww, what a sweet story and gorgeous photo's! :D Thanks so much for sharing. Loved it! :-)

  2. Cool! I especially like the last paragraph along with the last picture :)

  3. I was blessed by their story. :) The whole way through. I've been watching Cherith's blog for the last several months, and it was encouraging, and a gift from my Lord and Savior Jesus, to watch and see their unison, in the ways that it has been shared.

    Thank you for sharing the story. I pray the Lord will be with them always, in His Way, and Will... and they will be fruitful in His Life, and presence.

    In Him, Carra

  4. Lovely Stella! So funny and beautiful, loved the photos too! Have just wasted heaps of time reading all of your's, Ben's and Cherith's accounts of the days before and on the day. :) Lovely photos again, they really show the spirit of the day I think and I have so many favourites. :)
    So special and thankyou for sharing.
    God Bless you all.


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