Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Sister's Romance, part 5

The reception...
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Over the microphone we heard, "We have Jana and Able..." Arm-in-arm, the look-alikes marched in laughing. Able nudged her away and went to right side of table. "No, you come with me!" she said aloud. He didn't. Everyone laughed.
"Next we have Elisha and Christella!" We smiled, soon I let go of his arm, as we headed to our seats. After watching Able and Jana figure out where to go, we knew what we were meant to do.

Andy and Jessica were followed by Henry and Danica (with her children in her arms).

Bethany and Markus were next and finally, the bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Ben!

The food...

At each table the starters were already set out.

GF rosemary crackers, which I had helped make.
It looked appetitising. Lotzi prayed for the food and we began. The waiters, classmates of Cherith's began bringing out more starters.

There were kebabs with veggies and tofu.

Then there was sushi rolls. Spring rolls. Some made the silly mistake of stuffing themselves with the starters. But I knew - there was a lot more to come.

The entrees.... veggie soup and salad.

Mains? Salad in a bowl on every table.

Lasagne with a unique twist. OR the alternative, polenta pizza. On the plate was veggies and pasta salad too. Everything was gluten free.

The caterers, were dear friends of ours. Some of the family members never went to sleep on Saturday night. They went home for breakfast in the morning and immediately afterwards came back and resumed work. Their kindness and commitment was astounding. We really appreciate what they did.

After activities, the desserts came. This was the highlight. It seemed they took too long in coming... maybe that's because I knew what they were. I was impatient for them.

Vegan Cheesecake

or Frozen Lime Pie

And the gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free mock-chocolate wedding cake.

Bethany had brought home to us the recipe of the second-mentioned delicacy, from America. We've eaten it on numerous occasions and it's won food-tasting shows. It is GOOD! I didn't have it though. There was only alternates of the food, not both. I wanted to try the cheesecake. So, I did. WOW! It was amazing! Such a delectable dessert. Everyone who tried it, loved it.

The cake.

Jana hated it! Even though it was surprisingly yummy. Even though carob was the brown ingredient, to her, it tasted disturbingly like chocolate. Jana passed her plate to me, she had never liked chocolate. Even though I never had either, I didn't mind. It was guilt-free, delicious.

Cutting the cake...

The song...
"Christella, Jana, do you have a song you can sing?" Danica asked after calling us away from the bridal table.
"Huh? What? Why?"
"Lotzi wants a song."
"What should we sing?" I asked quickly, unsure of this idea.
"One of the songs you girls like to sing."
"Like the "Who will be.." one?" Jana asked.
"I know! The "I love my Mummy and Daddy" song," Danica suggested brightly.
"What? How would we pull that one off?" I asked.
"Say it's dedicated to their children."
I knew it was a plan. And a good one.
"We've got a song, Lotzi," we told him.
He briefly announced us. I began.
"This song is dedicated to Cherith and Ben's future children."
The room erupted in laughter.

At first we were a little nervous and quiet, but we soon got louder and the grins grew wider as the hilarity of the moment sunk in. A completely impromtu, un-practised-for item, dedicated to future children. We sang heartily anyway.

"I love my Mummy, my Daddy too

And I know that they love me.

They are so loving in all they do,

We're one happy family.

We live together in harmony,

We always try to be kind.

There is no better family

That you will ever find."


  1. I've never known a girl who didn't like chocolate but now I do ;)
    How fun to follow along about your sister's wedding!

  2. :D I have loved reading about Cherith's wedding! Thanks so much for posting it all, Christy!

  3. What a lovely wedding! It is so nice to see such happiness, and it is obvious that your joy is from the Lord. I've also enjoyed hearing about the gluten free menu, I'm gluten-free too!


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