Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Sister's Romance, part 4

The Entry...
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We rolled into the car-park.

Soon we inside the church foyer. The doors were closed, to stop any peeking of guests. It took a minute to sort out the order of standing. The mother of two of the musicians listened for our cue. The moment "Sheep May Safely Graze" began, the doors were swung open.

Jana started her slow walk down the aisle.

I was next,
with Jessica following.

Last was the adorable page boy inbetween the flowergirls, holding their hands.

(They didn't walk so slow.)

When they reached the end, Caleb dropped their hands and ran to his uncles for them to pick him up. He wanted to see it all too. The little girls had seated themselves on the step infront of us. As soon as the little ones had started walking down, the double doors closed again.

The music changed then to the Trumpet Voluntary. I tingled with excitement. All the guests rose to their feet.

Bursting out through the doors came the beautiful bride on Dad's arm.

Behind her were her matrons of honor, Bethany walking beside Danica who was holding her little girl.

Wow! It was really happening! Although to me it felt like just a fancy rehearsal. Being a small wedding, their were not loads of guests. The last time I'd been part of bridal party was as a flower girl for Bethany. It was a larger wedding and walking down the aisle then had been daunting, facing a sea of unfamiliar faces. This felt different. I recognized almost everyone. Was I really a bridesmaid finally too? By now, Dad had given Cherith away. Danica had sat Hannah down beside the bigger flowergirls, below the step. She contentedly chewed on her tiny red rose.

The Ceremony...
The announcement of the congregational hymn, "Great is Thy Faithfulness," got me re-focused. The groomsmen pulled their programs out of inside their suits, while the minister handed us some.

We sang the three verses heartily. For one, the hymn was so fitting, especially today. And two: with so few guests, if I sang quietly, and the rest of the bridal party did too, you'd barely hear anyone. So we didn't.

After the opening prayer, the minister began with the key text of Genesis 2:24. God made a different type of mathematics for marriage. In His equation, one plus one, equals one. He drew more lessons from that passage.

Caleb got tired of being in uncles' arms. He wriggled down and raced across the aisle.

Uncles didn't compare with being with his "Mama-dear."

It really only seemed like minutes, until the vows. Now the reality hit me. My dear big, litttle sister was really getting married. Tears spilled down my cheeks. I sobbed silently. At this moment she was committing her life to this man. The hugeness of it sunk in. I was so happy for her. God had given her heart's desires. I looked across from me and saw that tears were streaming down someone else's face. It was Elisha. They were tears of joy too.

The pair walked to the signing table with the best man and matron of honor following.

Ben seated Cherith and the signing took place.

Then the minister boomed, "I introduce to you all, Mister and Misses D!"

"Ben, you may now kiss your bride!"

Smiles on each face, all began clapping. Wow! They were really married! Were we supposed to walk out now? But they'd missed the wedding song?!

"Nathanael will now sing the Irish Wedding Song," was announced. Nathan appeared out of the side room with his guitar. Yes! He was going to sing it after all!

"Here they stand, hand in hand,
They exchanged wedding vows,
Today, is the day
of all their dreams and their plans
And all their loved ones are to hear to say,
God bless this couple who marry, today...."
He sang on. People smiled at the line about the children,
"And may their children be happy each day,
Oh, God bless this family who started today!"
It was like a final bendiction. It was beautiful.

(He also sang this for his brother's wedding a few weeks later, via a video telegram. To hear him sing this song, click here.)

The last notes of the wedding song faded away and the musicians began playing Handel's alla Hornpipe from the Water Music. The bridal party formed a guard of honor infront of the pews. The flowergirls scattered red and white rose petals. The brand-new bride and groom walked through and we closed in behind them. Hugs and pictures ensued.

The waiting...
We were all about to be herded onto a grassy slope when we were sent back. The grass was very soggy. The group photo instead was posed behind the bridal car. Dad, the flower girls and page boy were in the car, while the bridal party stood directly behind it. The guests formed a group in the close background. A family photo was taken and with that the group photos were over. The rest were to happen after the wedding. The bride and groom spent time with the guests outside the church before the reception started.
At 1.15 the hall doors were opened. I took a look at it again. It was so perfectly beautiful! As people were entering, my cousin asked for their names, ticking them off the list and giving them their table numbers.
We waited outside and organised ourselves until the 'go-ahead' signal was given.



  1. Suspensful!! (the endings.) The pictures are really beautiful. I think it is very well written. Well done. Can't wait for the next part. ;) <3

  2. Beautiful!!! I have enjoyed reading all the parts and can't wait for the next one! Thank you for posting them! Love you :)


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