Monday, December 5, 2011

A Sister's Romance, part 3

The Morning...
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Mum woke me up at 7. Far from early for a wedding morning. Jana had been long gone though. She left at 5.30 for the hairdresser to do her hair at an aunt's place. Fifteen minutes later, her hair was being curled. I was meant to be next, but my hair was still wet. Jessica went before me instead. I thought my hair was wet. But the hairdresser said it was worse than wet. I'd put too much conditioner in, hours before! I hoped it was just damp. I was sent upstairs with a blow-dryer. When I finished, I knew Linda was right. I'd definitely put too much conditioner in. I could really feel it. Eventually the pinned up pile of hair on top of Jessica's head was diminished and curled. My turn was next.

Father-of-the-bride and granddaughter, Hannah

The photographers turned up and started snapping photos.

I chatted to the hairdresser while she curled my thick, dark hair. As soon as it was over, I stepped into my pretty red dress.

Jessica and Bethany fiddled with the sash, trying to make it sit right. Next they pinned on the thick red rose I had made.

After me, was the bride in pyjamas.

(The dresses.)

After her hair was done, Jana, Jess, the photographer and I accompanied her to our aunt's upstairs bedroom. I remembered being a little girl when Cherith helped do all the laces in the back of Bethany's wedding dress.

I was excited to be able to help with Cherith's this time.

(as was Jana)

Now all beautiful, it was time for the bride to ceaselessly smile. (Cherith, I forgot to ask, did you have a sore jaw at the end of the day?)

Cherith and Hannah

Time was running out. Wreathes of little roses were placed on the flowergirls heads.

Shoes were hurriedly tied on.

The final prayer before we all dashed out the door.
Bouquets were grabbed for and we all filed out the door. While buckling the littlest (baby) flower girl with her big puffy dress on and the page boy, two bouquets were put down. And forgotten. We arrived at the church on time. But then we realized our mistake. A car load of bridesmaids returned to retrieve the flowers. Failed.

By the time they were behind us again, the bride was now 'traditionally late.'

P.S. this is part of a detailed account of Cherith and Ben's wedding. You can read their summaries of the day by clicking on their names.

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  1. Love the picture of your dad and the baby! :)


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