Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Sister's Romance, part 2

The Wedding Preparations... you can read part one, here.
A few days were spent at Glenys' place, our seamstress friend. Finishing touches on bridesmaids' dresses and the mother-of-the-bride's outfit to make. I covered buttons and made roses. Jessica stitched and hemmed. Auntie Glenys put in zippers. We mulled over patterns, trying to find the perfect one for Mum. A few headaches and prayers later, we did. In 18 hours Auntie Glenys had a three piece outfit made. Staying up late with them sewing, I stored the memory in my mind. "This is part of the preparation for Cherith's wedding." I enjoyed the feeling.

We arrived home in the evening. Danica and her darlings were here for the week before the wedding. Two days later, I was in the car with Ben and Cherith going to Bethany's. The list of to-do's needed many hands to make them to-done's. While some were going shopping for paper and ribbons, I wrote out a few bios of the bridal party for the program. The place cards were intricate. We set up an assembly line and it still took a long time. Despite there being a small guest list. Working together made happy memories though.

The week before went by in a strange way. It seemed that time fled, while the to-do list insisted on staying long. But, we dealt with it. Things were slowly knocked off the list. Programs. Place cards. Sewing. Food. Drinks.

Rehearsal one...
On Friday, Elisha and I helped our dear friends who were doing the catering, in the on-site kitchen. The air was a bit chilly, and by 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I realized I had a light flu to fight. Ben took me home for lunch. An hour later we were all back at the church. For the rehearsal. Elisha left the kitchen to join us, when we arrived. A second rehearsal was scheduled for Saturday night, as quite a few in the bridal party were missing. Emily stood in as the 'father-of-the-bride.' Hannah stood in for Jessica. The flowergirls' father stood in for the best man. The spot for another missing groomsman was left empty. There were no more temporary replacements.

It was amusing, the rehearsal. Unused to any sort of heels, Jana wobbled a bit on her way down the aisle. When Jana got to the end once, she was so relieved she almost tripped in stepping up onto the step! One of the musicians' mothers, corrected our jerky idea of the slow, 'aisle walk.' That helped me.

I carried Hannah down the aisle.

The page boy and flower girls had some difficulty in being convinced to hold hands. An hour later, when it was all over, the real best man and other parts of the bridal party arrived. Too late.

The next afternoon, a few of us went and spent time with the groom's family, where they were staying. We went home to close Sabbath. We were so happy, when we were standing, holding hands while singing, "With Jesus in the Family" that the neighbor poked his head out his back door to see what the noise was about.

Final Rehearsal...
It seemed only minutes later, we were all back for another rehearsal. This time, no stand-in's were necessary. We were all there. That night it hit Mum that her little girl was getting married. She choked back sobs, but soon the tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Cherith began crying too.
They paused at the end of the aisle. Cherith rested her tear-streaked faced on Daddy's shoulder.
Pr. Thomson asked the practiced question, "Who gives this woman to this man?"
"I do," answered Dad.
"You may now claim your bride," Ben was informed.
Hand-in-hand, they stepped up to the higher level.
Skipping the sermonette, the minister announced, "Introducing Mister and Misses D."


Yet there were other things to think about. (As is evident on Ben's face.)

Cherith wanted to do something a bit different for the recessional. She had the bridal party form a guard of honor for them. Bethany and Markus walked seperately to half way down the aisle, with the rest of the bridal party following simultaneously. The groomsmen were on the left side of the aisle facing the bridesmaids. We spread out on the right side. Both sides clasped the hands of the ones beside them. I held Jana and Jessica's hands. Elisha held Andy and Able's hands, opposite us. Ben and Cherith walked out inbetween us. Following them were the flowergirls and pageboy. Then the rest of us closed in behind them and walked out in turn.

Saturday night - the night before the wedding. Everything left on the list had to happen now. The decorations for the reception started slowly at first. The men trying to figure how to do the muslin ceiling drapes over the fleuro lights. (Jana solved it.) Next was pulling out the tables and setting them up. Ironing the mountain of tablecloths. Then there was the chairs and the chair covers. My cousin tied the perfect golden bows on these. She set out the cutlery on the tables and did some other decorations. I put out the place cards I'd helped make. There was candles and rose petals to set out too. Bethany and Elisha stayed, doing the final touches until 3 AM. It was past midnight when I left. Half past one when I got out of the shower and dropped into bed. I'd washed my hair. In the morning it proved to be somewhat of a mistake.

You can read part three, here.

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