Monday, November 14, 2011

A Sister's Romance, part 1

"Oh, Stella is there anyone out there for me?" my elder sister asked tearfully.
"Both my older sisters had been married for two to three years by my age!" she added.
"Cherith, there is. And he'll be perfect for you. God must be preparing him. You just have to pray and wait. It's okay. There's nothing wrong with you."
"I'm too traditional! No men out there appreciate that." She countered.
I'd prayed for her future before then, but after that heart-to-heart conversation, I prayed much more reguarly. Her great desire in life was to be a wife and mother. Yet it seemed so out of reach! But I knew God is One who does the impossible. So I prayed.
She went to Europe with Elisha on a missionary group project. She wrote about it on her blog. One day I checked the page, and noticed a new follower.
"Who do you think that is, Danica?" I asked my eldest sister.
"Hard to know. Farm boy for sure," she replied.
"Looks like Ben D. But, we haven't been in contact with their family in years!" I said.
"Yep, I think it is him. That's interesting. I wonder," she grinned.
Soon we had more cause to wonder. Cherith started mentioning him. In fact, she told us, they had begun chatting to eachother. Elisha was not enjoying this new activity of Cherith's though. She chatted for a whole day once or wait, was it more than once?! Elisha wanted to explore the alps, but Cherith was pre-occupied.
"Stella, did you know Ben told me when I was twelve that I was pretty?"
"Really? This same Ben? What did you say?"
"I was a bit put off with his boldness. I knew he liked me," she answered.
"He liked you that long ago?"
He liked her now too... I just knew it.
Cherith and Elisha came back to Australia. Elisha came home and Cherith went to prac-teach. Near Ben. For the first time in years they saw each other again. When he saw her, his mouth momentarily dropped open. She was even prettier than he'd remembered! Cherith realized too, that he had grown - alot, since the family had visited us 6 years previous. He was a whole foot and more taller than her!
Prac-teaching ended and she went to visit his family. When I saw them together at the December family camp, I remembered laughing when he was 16 because they'd hung up the washing together and even done the dishes together. "He likes you," I'd teased.
They looked so cute as a couple. Ben so tall and she so much smaller!
But it was when we were all eating breakfast in the dormitry, that I knew there was more to it. When Ben looked at Cherith, it was with pure adoration. She returned that same look. They were in love.
At that camp, Ben asked Cherith to be his girl. Excitement sky-rocketed that night for our family. They were in a serious relationship now. Elisha however took Ben aside.
"Ben, you better treat my sister right. Don't play with her heart. She trusts you."
A couple of months later, Cherith came back home to live and Ben got a job close by. Before they came, he proposed. Mum got a call during worship. I could sense the excitement. This was it! "They're engaged?!" I asked, the second Mum hung up. It was a big "Yes!"
Living here, I got to see a lot of Ben. And while I was preparing for my piano exam, he heard enough scales to make him dizzy. He was almost as relieved as I when it was over. I got to know him well. (Beware he's very opiniated. But then again, so am I.)
He was that traditional man who appreciated her being a traditional girl. All that mattered to her, we found, mattered a lot to him too. They were so alike! Foods that she didn't do well with, it turned out, he didn't either. Both were introverts. But that doesn't mean they didn't talk. They talked stacks! When conflicts came up, I saw them respect each other and work through them.
Wedding plans became the big talk of the day. The wedding. Well, just wait, I'll tell you yet in part two.
"Cherith, there was someone out there for you. God planned Ben for you. And never forget to love your man who appreciates his traditional girl."
P.S. You can read her version of her story here. Pictures are in the blog post of a pictorial history.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this!!!!! :) I'm so happy for her!

  2. Hey Christella!

    That's really an encouraging and beautiful story. I am so happy for Cherith - I follow her blog! :) Had no idea you two were sisters!

    I too have often shed tears over those wonderings.... if there is ever a man out there for me. My dear sister is always there to encourage me and pray for me - and my dearest Mama too.
    It is such a blessing from Jesus to have family.

    Thank you for this post it has really encouraged me tonight.

    In prayer;

  3. Aww... thanks Rachel and April.

    I'm not sure how you found my blog, but thanks for your comment, April. And yes, I've noticed that you follow her blog and comment sometimes. :) I'm so glad it encouraged you. Even though I'm quite young, I too have wondered about my future and I love watching as God blesses my older sisters. Have you read my eldest sister's love story? I love it too. If you want to have a look the link is:


  4. You're a good writer! A lovely couple.


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