Saturday, August 20, 2011

Seared With a Hot Iron

Ten garments ironed. It hardly seemed like I'd made a dent in the large pile of clothes I had to iron. However, the verse “...having their conscience seared with a hot iron;” (1Ti 4:2) had been ringing in my head all day and I especially thought of it as I ironed.

I remember a time, years ago when I was ironing mommy's really nice shirt. Daddy got home from work and I excitedly left to go welcome him but I left the iron on, face down on top of the shirt. We soon realized this but the shirt was burned - seared and ruined forever. Another time, when I was very little, my finger got ironed accidentally and it left a permanent scar. It's like that with our consciences. Every time we hush the still small voice and ignore the promptings God gives us of what's right and wrong, we are searing our consciences with a hot iron. What is sin, won't appear sinful to us and we will end up doing things we never dreamed we'd ever do. It will cost us eternal life.

Oh may we be careful not to sear our consciences by hushing the still small voice and by ignoring the promptings of God, even if it seems small and insignificant. As was quoted in a friend's chat status "The devil doesn't want your whole soul, just your little toe." - Rick Besecker. One little compromise, a "just this once" will lead to more and bigger compromises until you have nothing more to compromise. But really, it only takes one "little toe" or 'little' sin to bar you eternally from the presence of God. Oh, may we strengthen our consciences by obedience and not sear it with the hot iron of compromise and willful sin that will scar our life forever.

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