Friday, April 22, 2011

My Size, Not "One Size Fits All"

"One size fits all" is a phrase I've seen on tags at times while shopping. I've often looked at the pair of gloves that were supposed to fit everyone and at my hands and thought "I don't think they'll fit my hands or ___'s hand's!" To be honest, I thought those tags were quiet ridiculous.

Have you longed for some other human who could understand you, like really understand you? Who could empathize with you? Have you wondered why your trials seemed so huge? I believe these questions are real to all of us. We long for life to be easy, we long for our trials to be lighter. We look at some who seem so happy and perfect, and sometimes we long to be him/her instead of our self. And if we can't have a perfect ideal life or family, if we can't avoid the trials that seem to bombard us, we long for others to understand us. We long for empathiz-ers, and for sympathizers. Yet, the truth so often hits us and leaves us hurting - the truth that there is no one on earth who can truly, thoroughly, perfectly understand us. True, some may have gone through similar situations and can empathize with us to a degree, but there is no one who has walked in our shoes and walked our path. There is no one on earth who can honestly say "I've had your exact same trial, I understand you perfectly, I know what you are going through". Maybe sometimes we wish that could be so... But you know, there is something beautiful, something special in it - the fact that no one else has had your exact same trial and can honesty say they perfectly understand you or what you are going through.

We are each unique and special to God. We are all different and you know, God realizes that too. God considers each one of us as one of a kind and it is that reason he gives us our size trials. He allows us to go through only our size fire of refining, our size shaping and molding and chiseling. Our size - in other words, he only allows us to go through that which we need to, nothing more and nothing less. The beautiful thing about it? God gives us the strength and the grace to endure!

Remember, the trials we have are our size, custom fit trials. They will cut us and shape us only where we need it, to make us the beautiful master pieces of God. If we were to trade circumstances and trials with someone else, they would cut us in the wrong spots, they would shape us and mold us into something ugly and we wouldn't have the strength or the grace to endure. So lets be thankful for the individual work that God does on us; thankful when we find no earthly friend who understands perfectly the things we are going through because God considers us special and unique and custom fits and gives us our size trials, our size refining fire instead of "one size fits all".

I find that thought comforting, beautiful, special. The thought that God loves me and cares so much about me that he would only give me to wear my size burden, to go through only my size fire of refining.... My size, not "one size fits all"! And he gives me his strength and his grace to endure!

Let's also remember that Jesus is the truest friend you could ever have, who understands you perfectly. We can go to him for comfort, for strength, for encouragement, for love, and for all we need.


  1. Thank you for posting this! This really spoke to me. He is such a precious friend... :-)

  2. We are all unique, we are all special. Each trial is unique and special and contains blessings just for you.
    Not only do we have just-our-size trials, but there is a place in the heart of God that no one but one specific person can fill. And there is a place in our heart that only God can fill.

  3. Awesome post! It's something God's been speaking to me about lately because so many times I wish I could just trade places with some other girl who seems to have it much more "together" and easier than me...but you're right with the fact that there is a reason for all of our trials no matter how difficult they may be. They mold us in all the right places that we need to be molded in. God always knows what He's doing. :) Thanks for the post!

  4. Praise God Beth, Yes, He is a precious friend! :-)

    Amen, Kezzia!

    Annabachinsky, sometimes I have wished that too but, God is good and He knows so much more than we do! :-) God bless you and I'm thankful that the thoughts shared in the post were a blessing to you. :-)


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