Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Fever

I've been having spring fever and after a few weeks of thought and a bit put into it here and there, our newly designed blog is up and running. :-) The old was just getting a bit too old and drab. It needed a bit of reviving. :-) I noticed that several other bloggy friends caught it too and re-vamped their blogs.

As spring approaches and we get spring fever to clean, garden, re-design blogs or any number of things I hope and pray we have a reviving and spring fever in our hearts for everything that is good, pure and righteous and for a deeper walk with God.

Oh, that we may have spring fever to be mirrors reflecting the perfect image of Jesus!


  1. Oh, yes! Spring fever to be reflecting Jesus! That's what I want! Thank you, Elyssa. :) I like the new look, too!

    Emily Rose

  2. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful new layout! :-)

    Truly, the new layout is a feast for the eye, and oh that our lives might similarly reflect God's beauty!

  3. Oh, lovely new layout! I have spring fever too; esp. with all the lovely weather we've had these past few days!

  4. The new design is beautiful, Lyssie. I love the thoughts too.

  5. Oh, and I love, love the picture. The colors are so amazing! What flower is it?

  6. Christella, the flower is a variety of the Tulip. :-)


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