Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Children

“Daaaaaaaaaa Daaaaa Da daaaaaa, daa da da da....” (Joy to the world, the Lord is come) the two year old cuteness sang. She was almost perfectly on tune and in timing. Oh how I wanted to just smother her in hugs and kisses, but I didn't think she would have liked being interrupted all the time for such “nonsense”. Actually, I would have like to have done it to all 5 sweetness'! But, I contented myself with just doing other things with them and enjoying ever single minute. One thing I really enjoyed was making cookies with them. I set up the table that's about 1 foot high and we made the cookies there, where they all could reach. They got to take turns measuring, mixing, and forming the cookies. It didn't matter that we used more dishes than normal, nor did the little mess they made matter. We had fun!! Those cookies were extra special, because of little helping hands.

It didn't matter that there were toys all over the floor and on the stairs. We all had fun! And besides, how often do we get to have toys all over the floor and hear the fun playing of little ones? Not often enough. So it really did not matter. They were some of the most adorable sweet kids you'll have ever met! When it was time for bed, there wasn't any complaining and each one dutifully picked the toys up and put them away to the best of their knowledge – and without being asked! Never once did they fight or scream or yell or get angry. They were so unselfish, so patient, so loving, so kind, so tender, so supportive, so happy, so giggly, so sweet and absolutely adorable! They would break out and laugh and laugh until I couldn't stop laughing because they were laughing at nothing! You couldn't stop smiling either... Oh, oh, I was captured. How could those beautiful, adorable smiles and sparkling eyes just not capture anyone's heart?

Though you may never see this, sweet ones, my prayer for you is that you will forever have those beautiful character traits that you possess and that they will only grow stronger as the years go by.

The innocence of childhood and babyhood...

How much there is to learn from little children!

Thank you Father, for allowing us the time to spend with such beautiful children. Thank you for the fun we had and for the lessons learned. Thank you for the inspiration they were. Thank you for the crumbs on the floor, for the toys here and there... They have been such a blessing to me... Thank you for all the little children in the world. They are all so precious!

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