Saturday, March 5, 2011


"I'm so grateful for the life we live!" I announced to Mum.

"Oh, I want to hear more, when I get back," she replied with a smile.

We were in the garden and she was getting some implement.

The sky was a beautiful navy blue. Heavy clouds made an arch, like a rainbow almost, with clearer lighter blue behind.

"It's like a beautiful archway to heaven," we all decided. My younger sister was helping too.

Why do I love it? It's the simple life.


There is goats that vy for our affection (and time. :-))

There is my sister: she's my dear companion.

The garden: to watch the miracle of plant life.

There is a cosy, little house: with a piano, kitchen, woodstove and lounge area, all in one little room.

There is donkeys to ride and attempt training. To laugh at there craziness.

Then there's my education. Which I get in all different ways. I can have the satisfaction of getting book-work done. Or seeing the wonder of things in real life.

There is the scenic and peaceful, two kilometre walk three times a week to the mailbox. Sending all the letters... and the anticipation and excitement of getting them.

There is the time and places to go for walks. It is a walk to the garden even. Another two kilometres.

There is the excitement of my brother coming home for the weekend. And sending emails on his laptop. (Our's is in for warranty, so weekly is the way.)

There is the days of learning the nuts and bolts of beekeeping and farm maintenance with Dad.

I treasure the close relationship with my Mummy too.

There's the wonder of stepping out the door at night... looking up and seeing: a sea of stars. Everywhere, innumerable, and dazzling.

Then there is my siblings near and far, who love and care about me so much. I love them.

And I'm constantly reminded of the value of how my parents trained me. Without their training, I don't know where I'd be. Really.

There is the breathtaking nature that makes me smile and sing.

Then... there is my God and Father. Who I come to appreciate and love more and more everyday. I'm so glad He's won my heart. So thankful for letting me experience knowing Him. I couldn't return. I can't wait to meet Him.

And in the meanwhile....

I'm so grateful!


  1. Oh Stella, Beautiful! I love life too and all the joys of country living. Yes, we have so very much to be thankful for and to be grateful for too!

  2. Oh and yes, I loved the pictures too!

  3. hey Stella. Really enjoyed this blog. yep! I'm reading your blog posts! :P ;)

  4. Aaawww, love it! I can almost smell the fresh country air while I read your thoughts here! so beautiful! :-) Love the photos, too! :-)

  5. You are SO blessed to live where you do! Out in the country with lots of brothers and sisters, it sounds so ideal.
    Lovely post my dear.

    Leah Nicolette


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