Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reviving, Reformation, Rekindling

The seconds and minutes were ticking by. It was dark; all was quiet and I should have been sleeping, but sleep did not come. I was thinking, and hungering and thirsting and pleading with God. I was thinking about the by gone years; the times when God used men and women in mighty ways. I was thinking about the times when he poured out his spirit and how it was manifeseted in marked ways. I thought about those men and women who did not count their life and their possessions too dear for Christ. I thought about their fidelity, and strength of character and I thought about us today. Why is it that we as a people are lacking the power of God? Why, why is He not using us like He used the apostles in Bible times, or the reformers during the reformation, or the Adventist Pioneers in the 1800's?

God wants to pour out his spirit upon us, He wants to be able to use us in a mighty way like He used the men and women of old, but it is us that is the problem! We are the ones that are making it impossible for God to use us. We have come to love ease, pleasure and plenty.

Where is the self-sacrificing spirit of those men and women of God who were willing to go and come when God called and who were willing to give up every earthly possession for the gospels sake? Where is the strength of character to stand for principle and righteousness though the heaven's fall? Where is love, that is stronger than death?

Not until we have set our 'house' in order, can God use us. It is not until we have stopped loving this world and the things of this world, and not until we put Him first and foremost in our lives that God can pour out His Spirit upon us.

Oh, awake! Awake! Awake out of our dangerous slumber! We must come out of our lukewarmness and make a stand! We must realize our time is short and make wise use of every moment!

We need a reviving of the Spirit, a reformation in our life, a rekindling of love. We need a hungering and a thirsting for righteousness. We need a realization of our utter uselessness without the power of God. We need a willingness and a self-sacrificing spirit. We need strength to stand firm, we need courage to press forward, we need love that will not waver or falter even through death.

We need, heart-work done and we need God! He will never be able to use us, until we are really willing and until we have laid all on the alter.

Oh my Father, the words to this song is the prayer of my heart. "Revive us again; Fill each heart with Thy love; May each soul be rekindled with fire from above." Oh, awaken us out of our foolish slumbering and bring us to reality!


  1. The thing that I so love... is when I didn't hunger and thirst like I wanted to, when I asked God for it: He gave that hungering and He satisfies it too. My amazing Father!

  2. Thank you, Elyssa. That was just what I needed this morning.

    -Emily Rose

  3. That is beautiful Christella, God is amazing!

    You are welcome Emily. God is so good to know just what we need at just the right time and to inspire someone to share it... It just amazes me how he works things like that out time and time again. I can only praise God! How wonderful he is!


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