Monday, January 31, 2011

Never the Same

“Once you get to know God, truly know Him: you’ll never be the same.” This guarantee spoken of at camp meeting inspired me. I wanted it to be my experience.

It’s more than a month later. Searching for God with all my heart, I’ve found Him. But now it’s really hot. It’s summer in January, right! Despite having had a cold shower before going to bed, the air seems heated inside the house. It would surely be better even just on the front steps. I step out. I feel the soft breeze.
The sky is clear. Not a cloud anywhere. The stars twinkle in distinct brilliance. I start thanking God for the beauty of it. It turns into my evening prayer. My mind is clear in the cool air. I stay there for a long while. My heart feels close to heaven. I ask God to take care of my thoughts as I sleep. I pray for many people. Soon, I have to close to the door. I jump up onto my bunk and fall asleep.

My mind is a bit foggy. I’m still in that sub-conscious. But I’m waking up. It’s the feeling, the thoughts that have me so surprised. My very first thought – what I woke up to: elation, excitement, just totally in awe-ness of God. My heart, my whole being is focused on the beauty and wonder of Jesus. I feel like I’m going to burst. He’s sweeter than the fairest of ten thousand. Better than I’d ever imagined. His sacrifice: for me. So huge! He loves me so-o-o-o-o much! It was amazing. Everything seemed pale near Him. My heart was full to brim.
Soon I was wide awake. The rapture of the moment lingered. God had taken care of my thoughts truly. And given me a wider concept of how great He is.

Later on in the afternoon, I was relating the experience to Mama. “I so love God!” I added.
“How can you not, when you know Him?”
“That reminds me,” I agreed, “I know now for myself, ‘when you really know God, you’ll never be the same.’”


  1. Amen! How beautiful! Oh, How I love Him too!

  2. ............. what can I say?! this is soooo beautiful. hugs... :) Happy birthday!

  3. God is so real...

    Beautiful, Christella.


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