Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

As the new year approached, I became excited. Not really because I wanted 2010 to end, but because it's a new year, a new start, a new beginning, new experiences, new everything and I'm excited to see what God has in store for us in the new year.

These are definitely not in order but some of the events and highlights of 2010 were
  • Travels
  • Being with Family
  • Campmeetings
  • Friends
  • Getting to do some projects that I had wanted to do for a long time but never got a chance to
  • Taking some online sewing classes which have inspired me and made me enjoy sewing more then ever
  • My brother's engagement
  • My brothers marriage to Kelsey in December
A couple of my greatest sewing accomplishments this year I believe are a quilt I made for my brother and sister-in-law and a dress I made to wear at their wedding.

Especially throughout the dress making process I really felt that God was right there helping me each step of the way. One miracle after the other seemed to happen, in being able to get the supplies just in time, being able to make the pattern for it and to sew it in the short amount of time that I had (I had only about 24 hours from start to finish), is something that I can only say, to God be the glory. I had never made a pattern before, never had sewn a dress before, never had made a blouse before, and never had worked with Chiffon or Satin or Georgette fabrics before etc... I remember feeling so incompetent and so in need of help and guidance. I felt so dependent upon God and had to pray a lot and trust that He was going to help me and help it come out nice even without making a test dress to make sure the pattern and everything else was going to come out right, for I didn't have time for the extra sewing. Anyhow, that is one dress that I consider a miracle from God for I really felt that He was there helping me, guiding me and working with me on it! I remember praying practically for every stitch I made, and I know He answered. When I finished it, I felt so relieved, happy, and blessed that it came out so well. This was one project that I believe God really blessed in and gave me the ability to do and to me, it was a special miracle dress for I would never have been able to do it without Him!! I must also thank my seamstress friend and teacher Mrs. Glenys for the inspiration, the counsel and the encouragement she gave me.

Jonathon's and Kelsey's wedding went well. It was simple but sweet. The music was wonderful and my brother sang a beautiful song "I Will Be Here" that made me cry. It was nice to see neighbors, friends, and family there and we appreciated each of them coming. The cake was well done and Kelsey had a special surprise grooms cake made for Jonathon that had a tool belt and tools. Unfortunately it rained the whole day but the wedding and reception was inside so it didn't spoil it too much. We just got really wet and our hair do's got ruined when we decorated the truck! It was fun though and at least we didn't do any naughty things to it. :-) We blew bubbles and threw fake snow at them as they left to start their journey of life together. I wish the newlyweds happiness and love forever.

As I look back upon 2010, what a year it was! It was definitely a busy year, a full year, an exhausting year, a year of change, a year of blessings and a year of firsts. To be sure it had its share of pain and tears but those only worked to draw me nearer to God, to depend upon Him more, to find strength and comfort in Him and to find in Him a never failing friend. God has been so good to me and so many times that I can't even hardly begin to mention He has shown me His love and care in ways that I dreamed and ways I never dreamed or even thought about.

I don't know what 2011 holds for any of us but this I know that that we must press forward in the strength of God to accomplish the work He wants to do in us and to accomplish the work that He wants to do through us for others. We can look back and see where we have failed and fallen. We can see where we could have and should have done things differently but we must remember that there is forgiveness and mercy for our failures, grace for our journey, strength for today and hope for tomorrow . We can not change the past but we can learn from it and press forward. We must not turn back, be discouraged or be weary in well doing for it will be worth it all one day! God lives and because He lives, I can face tomorrow! Because He lives my friends, you can face tomorrow and the future too! He is a friend that will last for eternity. He is a friend that hurts when you hurt, understands you when no one else does, is there to comfort you, to protect you, to strengthen you, and greatest of all, He loves you and will never forsake you.

My prayer and wish for you in this year, 2011, is that your relationship with God will become stronger and deeper than it's ever been before; and that you will be sure that your calling and election is sure. Jesus is coming soon and oh, how I long for each one of you to be among the ransomed! I wish you mountains of blessings, but the greatest wish I have for you is something only God can give, and that is true happiness, true peace and true love.

I wish you one and all a Happy New Year!

"Do we truly wish our loved ones a happy new year? Then let us make it such to them by kindness, by sympathy, by cheerfulness, by unselfish devotion. If we connect with God, the source of peace, and light, and truth, his Spirit will flow through us as a channel, to refresh and bless all around us. This may be the last year of life to us. Shall we not enter upon it with thoughtful consideration? Shall not sincerity, respect, benevolence, mark our deportment toward all?" (Signs of the Times, January 5, 1882 par. 11)

"...A new year opens its unsullied pages before us. What shall we write upon them?
"Seek to begin this year with right purposes and pure motives, as beings who are accountable to God. Ever bear in mind that your acts are daily passing into history by the pen of the recording angel. You must meet them again when the Judgment shall sit and the books shall be opened....

"May the beginning of this year be a time that shall never be forgotten--a time when Christ shall come in among us, and say, "Peace be unto you." John 20:19." (Our High Calling p. 7)


  1. I double like this post!! :)
    Your quilt and dress turned out beautifully!! I am amazed how quickly you were able to make the dress; wow!! God definitely helped you along the way. I would be nervous working with those fabrics; I've never done anything like that before either. Making our bridesmaid skirts were technical enough ;) though really they were quite simple once we figured out How to do it all!
    The wedding was beautiful; I love the groom's cake; how fun!
    It was a Special year for you, indeed.

  2. Oh, what a sweet, beautiful post! The photos are stunning. Infact... I think the one of the newly weds is the best I've ever seen on them. They looks so happy. Your dress is amazing too. And your testimony is inspiring and wonderful. Praise God for a good 2010.
    I love this post. :)


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