Friday, January 21, 2011


Adoption... I had always loved babies and little children and when I was younger, I always dreamed of having my own some day. I dreamed.. I imagined holding my baby for the first time, looking into it's face and feeling love like I've never felt before. I wanted my own children, not adopted ones. However, slowly as time went on I started pondering it more. I started feeling sorry for those poor little children who needed a home and family to love them and I began to long to provide that for them. I met people who had adopted and everything seemed to be so smooth sailing and their love for those children inspired me. Adoption became more real to me and love grew in my heart for those little ones who needed a good home. For at least a few years, when the subject of family and children would come up, I would at times mention adoption and my sorrow and concern for all those little ones who had no one to take good care of them or show them the way to heaven.

More recently, I have been reading a few blogs of families who had adopted or are in the process of adopting. I read their stories and experiences, and I realized more than I'd ever realized before, that adoption may not be so sweet and smooth sailing as it appears sometimes! The evil tendencies, the character traits of the parents are transmitted to the children and you have to deal with those character traits and battle with the will, not to mention what the child has gone through in it's short little life. It may not be easy and infact I'm sure it is not. After reading a little, I thought, "Maybe I don't want to adopt after all!" but those thoughts soon vanished and the desire in my heart to adopt grew by leaps and bounds. Those are precious children, they need love, they need to be trained to be good men and women of principle, steadfastness and integrity. They need to be lead to the kingdom of God and they need know that God loves them but more than just knowing about God, they need to know Him. They need someone to teach them and lead them, to love them and to help them.

Who knows what sort of background they came from or what kind of parents they had but Jesus still loves them and says "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

It makes me burn with anger with the unjustness and unfairness in this world. Why do people cause such misery and pain and crime by having children out of wed-lock or in wed-lock and then cast them aside and totally neglect to perform their duty as parents? It's so unfair, it's so unjust, and it's so criminal! However, as much as we might hate it, there are still those poor children from such people as well as orphans who have no living mother or father. These children may have strong wills to break, they may have difficult characters to mold and fashion but they are still precious. They are still souls to save for the kingdom, they are still special to God and if someone takes these children and perseveringly loves them and trains them and leads them to the cross of Calvary, they can become great men and women with talent and ability and integrity. It pains me just think of what they might become if no one cared enough to take up that work.

Obviously, not everyone is called to adopt, they have their own God-given work to do and it is a high calling, but those who have been called to adopt and train and love these children are not called to any lower of a duty. They are as much as a preacher in the pulpit or a missionary in a foreign land. They are doing a wonderful work, an amazing work.

A word to any adoptive parents who read this, God bless you! You are doing as great a work as anyone and God will reward your efforts. God bless you for loving children that are not your own by birth as your own flesh and blood. Don't be discouraged, you are doing a marvelous work, a work so great that there are no words to express it.

I love those little children and someday if the Lord wills, I would like to adopt. I realize it's a huge challenge but if it is in God's plan that I marry someday and we are called to adopt, I would consider myself privileged to be mother to them. I know that He will provide the strength and the courage and all that is needed for He has promised that all He bids us do, He will enable us to perform.

Reach out and touch - Give your love to the loveless. Bind the wounds of a little heart aching and a little life torn and dirty. Give a home to the homeless. Give hope to the hopeless. Lead precious ones to heaven. Reach out and touch and let the love of God touch through you.

Reach out and touch... Have a heart for those less fortunate than yourself.

Reach out and touch... A little life in need.

Seek the Lord as to your calling and perform it with all diligence.

"But when we give ourselves wholly to God, and in our work follow His directions. He makes Himself responsible for its accomplishment. He would not have us conjecture as to the success of our honest endeavors. Not once should we even think of failure. We are to co-operate with One who knows no failure." (MYP 309)


  1. :-)

    Adoption is no fairytale in the sky!!

    It's HARD, HARD WORK. The Lord is blessing - and yes, I can say that in the midst of one of the worst weeks. I have hope for these children. Neglect sometimes has a worse effect than abuse and that is what we are dealing with. Adopting from overseas appears to be easier than adopting from fostercare - while this is sometimes true it is not always. So, IF the Lord calls you, go in with your eyes wide open and prepare. Reading all the adoption books in the world won't prepare you. They are full of man's theories and ideas, but rarely a Biblical principle will you find. Be completely devoted to Jesus and He will teach you. Master the lessons of devotion and waiting on God and surrender. This will prepare you best. If you get a chance spend some time in an orphanage or volunteer helping needy kids. You will soon learn that these little ones, precious as they are, have been damaged by sin and their parent's folly incredibly.
    God bless,

  2. Thank you for those words of advice. :-) I realize adoption is something that involves so much more than I know or can comprehend and I realize those children are damaged by their parents sins but that's what makes me want to meet the challenge, because they are needy! Of course, I'm no where near that stage of adopting yet and I don't know for sure whether God is calling me to adopt some day or not but I want to be willing if He does choose me. :-) For now, I want to support those who have taken up that challenge. I admire people like you who are working so hard to make a difference and I know you are!


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