Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thoughts of a Overwhelmed Aunt

I talked and prayed about wanting a niece.
A family had to have one girl at least!
There's one thing I know without a doubt.
'Cause there are things I know about.
God truly had a miracle in His hands.
A baby girl was in His plans.

He picked a time not easy,
But He chose the best time really:
Because He sees all, and knew what was best.
With a precious baby they were blessed.

I have a darling niece!
The awesomeness of it doesn't cease.
We feared throughout too, it'd be another boy,
But with this little one,
He's filled our hearts with joy.
God's wonders are so beautiful, they stun.

Thank-You Father, for dear Hannah-Joy Jana!
She truly is, Your Gracious Gift.

P.S. I love you Hannah!


  1. Oh dear Christella!! What a beautiful poem and sweet picture of Hannah. I'm so excited too! :-) *hugs*

  2. Absolutely adorable baby! The poem is sweet too. :)

  3. May I ask how you found this blog, Joyful?


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