Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Camp

Bethany and Ben went to America a few years back, and went to a family camp. The Nebbletts were one of the speaking families there. Bethany sent back a music cd of their's. It's beautiful! We've gotten to more know more about them ever since. And now I've met them.
What were the blessings from family camp? I'll tell you...

  • Ways to have an alive Bible reading time.
  • An evening in the kitchen with young people, gave me new friends. Fun memories and stretched my cooking skills.
  • Hilariously engaing true stories told and re-enacted by the Nebblett youth. Along with back-to-back mystery drawings, (ask me to explain if you want.) A treasure hunt. Hearty singing. A wonderful children's meeting.
  • Tips for a more peaceful, happier home.
  • Got hot. Family freeze tag. Catching, running and being caught - that was exhaustingly fun! "All in denim to this side. Beware of the others! You're their targets." Or "Those born from January down to June, go to the right of the field. Chase anyone who runs away!" Slipping, sliding, rolling, running. Solid recreation.
  • Answers to questions. That was youth forum.
  • Kings and queens, defeat and victory. Combining secular and Biblical history. The inside story about Queen Esther. The miraculous survival of newborn Cyrus the Great. Delivered through a chain of events from a jealous and murderous grandfather. God had an amazing plan for him. He even named him over 100 years before his birth!
  • To be a good soldier. What devastation happens when I only serve God half-heartedly. To take heaven by violence. The rewards are so huge!
  • Songs ranging from a bell orchestra to a youth chior I was part of.
  • Fresh ideas for family traditions. Such as all sleeping outside, the night after the first frost. (That way the mozzies are all dead.)
  • Watching love. Cherith and her Ben.
All-in-all, camp was amazing! I wouldn't have traded it for anything. If you ever get the opportunity to go to one of them - go! and you won't regret it!


  1. Ahhhh, the kitchen... :) and the singing, and the heat, and prayers, and beautiful faces, and learning, and growing, and love.
    We will never forget... I am sure the greatest blessing was ours.

  2. It was wonderful...all of it...especially the music.


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