Friday, December 17, 2010

The Comforter

"I'll see you when you get back from the goats. Mum'll be waiting for you there." my visiting sister and I parted after having fun on the swing.
Confidently, I found the nearly-hidden-by-the-flash-flood-waters, stepping stones over the creek. So cold and fast! Tracking through the mud I soon got in sight of the pines and shed. No car. And no Mother. Oh well, I'll check the goats. I peaked my head inside the door. All inside! Back outside, I wondered what to do. Wait? Pray! Perfect alone time. I leaned against a solid pine tree. My talk with God was quickly interrupted. Ouch! Slap! The mosquitoes had taken advantage of my inactivity. I headed on back to the house. I'd see where Mum was.
I resumed my conversation. My thoughts recounted my blessings....
"Thank-You Father. I'm so grateful for what You are teaching me. Particularly yesterday, when I felt so hurt. Discussing it with Mum didn't help. It was too painful. I felt like I had to talk to someone else. I thought of calling my big sister. That's when I felt it. Tugging. I remembered. That You're the best to talk to. I wanted to rationalize the situation. Deal with it in myself. But You reminded me.... 'give it to Me.' I left it with You. And that's what amazes me.
Next thing I knew, I had peace. And happiness! I wasn't even so happy before I'd found out. But You changed it all. My disappointment and sadness, You replaced completely with a song and smile that I couldn't hold back! Only You could do that. I didn't realize what joy comes from surrender. And now I've learned too... in a tangible way - that You are my Comforter."

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  1. Mmmmm... Oh that our minds would always go to prayer in "spare moments" such as these! What windows of light would be opened on lives... :)


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