Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Reading Challenge book list and Announcment for Reading Challenge 2011!

  • Ready to Answer - Joe Engelkemier 158 pages
  • A Trip into the Supernatural - Roger J. Morneau 125 pages.
  • Rungs For Life's Ladder - W.B. Ochs 224 pages.
  • So Much More - Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin 333 pages.
  • Feminine By Design - Scott T. Brown 85 pages.
  • Testimonies for the Church Volume 1 - Ellen G. White 758 pages.
  • Letters from Mother Naomi - Answers to Questions Girls Ask 128 pages.
  • His Robe or Mine - Frank Phillips 158 pages.
  • Pastor Bob's Confession - Bob Habenicht 80 + pages.
True life, missionary stories

  • Taught By a Tiger - Norma R. Youngberg 111 pages.
  • Nyla and the White Crocodile - Norma R. Youngberg 128 pages
  • Clever Queen - Eric B. Hare 100 pages.
  • In Step With Christ - James J. Aitken 84 pages
  • Pioneers Together - Josephine Cunnington Edwards 238 pages.
  • Heartwarming Stories of Adventist Pioneers - Norma J. Collins 188 pages.
  • Lotus Blossom Returns - Sandy Zaugg 191 pages.
  • Singing Tree and Laughing Water - Sylvia Hardwick 128 pages.
  • Tiger of Biter Valley - By Norma R. Youngberg over 100 pages.

I was going to rate my list, but I decided not to as each book was really worth reading. They each have blessed me and impacted me in a special way.

Lest you think I don't read my Bible, that is part of my daily life and it is so much more than other books that I didn't list it. :-)

I am looking forward to joining in the 2011 reading challenge, it sounds like it will be wonderful and I'm sure there is a blessing in store. Check it out by clicking on the Reading Challenge 2011 banner above or visit: Please join us if you'd like! :-)

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  1. Good list there!
    I usually only list a book from the Bible if I read it all the way through in order. Because this past year, I skipped around a lot and didn't follow a plan ;)


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