Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Pulse

"One, two, three, four, five, six," my piano teacher clapped in time. She stopped, waiting for me to repeat the phrase correctly on the piano.
I was flustered. It wasn't happening. It was simply wrong timing.
She noticed the crest-fallen look. "Don't you feel the pulse?"
I shook my head sadly. How could I ever dream of being a piano teacher if I didn't nderstand timing?!

Months later I was again sitting on that stool beside my teacher. I'd been away visiting my big sister for a few months. Daily practice and regular lessons. It paid off. I was back. I played the now-mastered pieces.
"You feel the pulse!" there was excitement in her voice.
I nodded. Now, I really could!

Head on my pillow, relaxed, I began daydreaming. Only, it was night and I was awake. I shut my eyes and I see heaven. Jesus is there holding the dazzling golden gate, wide open. I see Him clearly in the distance. He's greeting all the saved. Finally, I'm almost there. The excitement explodes. I can't wait. He bends down and I throw my arms around His strong neck.
With overwhelming love in His voice He whispers loudly.
"I've waited so long for you, Christella! You made it!" He twirls me around. We laugh with pure joy. I release my grip as He puts me down gently.
A songs escapes my lips. And the realization floods me. The hard desicions on this earth - every one of them were worth it, for just this moment.
I find myself in a huge crowd inside the gate. Jesus is with us. Oh, how I want to spend some time with just him. For Him to tell me how His plan in my life. His workings. How He felt. But the others! What about them? They must all want the same.

How will He do it, I can only imagine.

The days - so beautiful. Words can't express it. I climb the two trees that are really one. Lions lick my hands. I go for a horse ride to visit a friend. Then one day it happens.
My bright guardian angel comes with a message. He knows me well. "Christella! King Jesus wants to see you! Come with me, He's waiting for you!"


We're on the walk. Jesus and I. There are others too. He's talked to one of the others. Now it's my turn. My heart thrills with every word of the amazing story He's telling. We all to get to have what we so wanted. Together. And it's perfect.

The pulse of heaven. There is no wrong timing.

The curtain drops. I fall asleep.


  1. Oh Stella! This is so very beautiful! You took me off away into dreamland too and you know, it truly will be worth everything! God is so good!

    Love you :-)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for this post! It definitely had me off in dream land...


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