Saturday, October 23, 2010

Great Gain

Looking at the pictures. Sweet, perfect, innocent faces are infront of me. My brothers, sisters and I. But that was yesterday. How I wished I could go back in time. Be that care-free little girl again. Not a teenager.
I flick through the photos. Now they're more recent. Only last year. Only a few spots are noticeable. I come back to now... and wince. Now, I feel like a pimple farmer. Why? How I wish my face was clear. Perfect. Like it used to be. Or even like it was last year! Longing for what is now out of my hands. Time, back then.

Next... I'm in the garden. Mentioning these older pictures. Discussing it with Mum.
"You know what it teaches you, don't you? Contentment."
Huh? "I don't get it!"
Mum changed topics, like the goats change there coat. Rapidly, almost unnoticeable.
There was a distraction, and I was left alone. What was Mum talking about? Contentment? With what? A red and sometimes painful, face?
Then I realize. The light flashes on. Today. It's a day of it's own. I can't replay it. Can't go back. It has it's own joys. One day, I may have many more responsibilities, than I do now. Life might be alot different. Then, will I look back and wish for today?
By God's grace, I won't. Today, is special. Not to be taken for granted.
I'm grasping what Solomon said. Godly contentment is great gain.

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