Thursday, August 26, 2010

Knowing about God Versus Knowing God

A man once said to a pastor "I know about God" and the pastor said "Well that's great but there is something much better then that. That is knowing God." It's true. We can know all about God but it won't change us and neither will it save us. It is knowing Him that will make all the difference.

These words from a song express how feel so well. "Oh, I want to know You more, deep within my heart I want to know You..." I am thankful that we can not only know about God but we can know Him personally and our relationship with Him can grow deeper and stronger. It is my prayer and my hearts desire to know God and continue to know Him better and I hope and pray that it is your hearts desire also.


  1. Definitely! Oh how I wish for that. That's what is special about this famous, Almighty Person. We can personally know HIM. Precious.


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