Friday, July 23, 2010

Just a Letter

I'd been anticipating it for a long time. Well, at least it felt like it. An update from little sis at home, started that protracted waiting.
"You got a letter!" she announced. This was different! I rarely got letters. But she assured me it was true. I wanted to read it right away, but I couldn't.
"Do you think you can redirect it?"
That was Sunday though; so yes - but no. A few days later it was sent. Every business day I tried to always get the mail from the post office picked up.
No, I didn't check the mail - seeings my eldest sister and her husband were the drivers; not me. But this day, I got to check. My sister waited in the car with my nephews while I ran and checked. With mounting excitement I opened the lock with the large key. It only took a second to recognize the letter amid the junk mail... it was not mine.
Disappointed, I returned to the car. Just hoping it would come the next day. I knew it would. It had to! It'd been over a week since it had been posted.
When my eldest sister got back from town the following day, I'd already gotten over my disappointment.
That was until I saw her face. That look - the cheeky grin, sent that tingle of anticipation down my spine.
"I've got a few surprises for you!" she stated jubilantly. And I knew. Reaching out, she passed the pretty envelope into my hands. After checking out the other surprises (one of which was a postcard from our brother in Croatia;) I sat down to read the letter.
"Dear Stella..." the letter began. It told of camp-meetings, an accident, and Fiji. Every bit was friendly and full of cheer.
She asked me what I was reading for my quiet time. That stopped me for a moment, but then I continued reading. She told me what she'd read in hers. It was about doing the little things for Him. A game too, she mentioned. One that her family played while doing jobs around the home. The idea was to think of a Bible story or lesson to go with whatever they were working on. This game appealed to me.
I read on. On a closing note my friend encouraged me to stay close to God and NEVER let go if His hand.
Like swarms of bees; thoughts came tumbling in. Was I holding His hand anyway? Instantly, a desire swelled up inside to live - on fire for God. To do what was right. And to love everybody.
I'm reconnecting with God, thanking Him, and learning never to underestimate... just a letter.


  1. hey Stell! I enjoyed reading this! you're an awesome writer. keep it up. :)

  2. Heart-warming and inspiring! I enjoyed this post alot. :-)


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