Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feminity and Dress

I was reading a little and browsing through some things on femininity and dress. It brought to mind an experience I had at one point.

I grew up dressing modestly and in skirts and dresses. And now that I'm older, I could choose to dress differently. However, from my own study and convictions, I choose to dress in the best way I feel God would be honored and I love my skirts and dresses. It's not a drudgery nor is it prohibiting to wear them.

This isn't an article on what you should or should not wear, but it's just a simple experience I had.

For a couple or three months I worked with my father and brother on a couple construction sights where we were finishing one house and doing electrical on the other. As I worked, I noticed that from the very start, all the men treated me differently then they treated the other girls who would come from time to time. They would kindly greet me when I came in the morning. If they were headed out the door and I started coming towards the door too, they would quickly move out of the way and say “You first” or “ladies first”. If there was a door, they would would open doors for me. If they started to say a bad word and I showed up they would promptly stop! There were so many things that they did to treat me and respect me like a lady. I wondered why I was treated so different then the other girls. I was treated like a lady, they like men!! I felt bad for them because I thought “This isn't fare!”. I wasn't any more special then the others. One day one of the men said something like this (I can't remember his exact words) “It's so nice to see you come in to work every day with your pretty skirts...” I didn't wear anything really nice per-say , I was working so I went to work with my denim work skirts but anyhow.. I finally realized that I was treated differently because of the way I dressed and the way I acted. I'm not saying that I was perfect, I know that there were times when I could have done far better, acted in a different and far better way then I did. There were times when I failed in being a true christian young lady and I ask God's forgiveness. But the point I want to bring out is that if you wonder why you aren't being respected or treated as a girl perhaps it's because of you! The feminist movement, and society has trained our thinking that we must be like the men! We must dress like them, act like them, do all the things they do. We must do everything better then them. Practically we must be the leaders and they the followers. We have made men the way they are!

I have come to conclude that if we want to be respected and treated like ladies, then we must act like ladies and respect and treat men as men.

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  1. This is very true Elyssa. Thank you for posting!

    My sister and I also dress modestly and have noticed the same things!

    Thank the Lord!

    In Him,


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