Friday, July 23, 2010

Just a Letter

I'd been anticipating it for a long time. Well, at least it felt like it. An update from little sis at home, started that protracted waiting.
"You got a letter!" she announced. This was different! I rarely got letters. But she assured me it was true. I wanted to read it right away, but I couldn't.
"Do you think you can redirect it?"
That was Sunday though; so yes - but no. A few days later it was sent. Every business day I tried to always get the mail from the post office picked up.
No, I didn't check the mail - seeings my eldest sister and her husband were the drivers; not me. But this day, I got to check. My sister waited in the car with my nephews while I ran and checked. With mounting excitement I opened the lock with the large key. It only took a second to recognize the letter amid the junk mail... it was not mine.
Disappointed, I returned to the car. Just hoping it would come the next day. I knew it would. It had to! It'd been over a week since it had been posted.
When my eldest sister got back from town the following day, I'd already gotten over my disappointment.
That was until I saw her face. That look - the cheeky grin, sent that tingle of anticipation down my spine.
"I've got a few surprises for you!" she stated jubilantly. And I knew. Reaching out, she passed the pretty envelope into my hands. After checking out the other surprises (one of which was a postcard from our brother in Croatia;) I sat down to read the letter.
"Dear Stella..." the letter began. It told of camp-meetings, an accident, and Fiji. Every bit was friendly and full of cheer.
She asked me what I was reading for my quiet time. That stopped me for a moment, but then I continued reading. She told me what she'd read in hers. It was about doing the little things for Him. A game too, she mentioned. One that her family played while doing jobs around the home. The idea was to think of a Bible story or lesson to go with whatever they were working on. This game appealed to me.
I read on. On a closing note my friend encouraged me to stay close to God and NEVER let go if His hand.
Like swarms of bees; thoughts came tumbling in. Was I holding His hand anyway? Instantly, a desire swelled up inside to live - on fire for God. To do what was right. And to love everybody.
I'm reconnecting with God, thanking Him, and learning never to underestimate... just a letter.

In Our Streets

"Have you read it?" my brother-in-law asked.
We weren't sure. He'd recited a quote.
"Tell us about it then."
"No way!" he responded enthusiastically, "I'll read it to you!"
"It's Gospel Workers page 479," he added.
Then he read it. And it shook me to my core.
We'd been discussing complaining. Nathan had been pointing out that that telling someone a problem wouldn't help solve it at all. Unless the listener was the person involved.
That's when he brought up that quote. It left us silent. Pondering the power of what it said.
"When tempted to complain of what some one has said or done, praise something in that person's life or character.... The very act of looking for evil in others develops evil in those who look. By dwelling upon the faults of others, we are changed into the same image."
My mind started ticking. There were people I'd found fault with. 'I don't like this,' I thought, 'and I need to change it. I want to think well of everybody.' And I didn't want to be evil or unkind. But there was more than that. There was a promise too! "But by beholding Jesus, talking of His love and perfection of character, we become changed into His image."
The conversation dwindled down, and I trailed off to bed. Deep in thought. I talked to God and lay down.
Ten positives. The idea hit me and I liked it. Thinking of a few people, I picked one after another out.... and began counting their good points. I went to sleep with more friends that night. And a grudge-free conscious.
" complaining in our streets. Happy is that people that is in such a case, yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord!" Psalm 144:14

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The question...

“Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me..... And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.” (Matthew 19:21, 29)

IF we leave all, IF we forsake all and follow Him.. IF we are willing.. we shall have everlasting life. This is the question. Are we willing? Am I willing?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feminity and Dress

I was reading a little and browsing through some things on femininity and dress. It brought to mind an experience I had at one point.

I grew up dressing modestly and in skirts and dresses. And now that I'm older, I could choose to dress differently. However, from my own study and convictions, I choose to dress in the best way I feel God would be honored and I love my skirts and dresses. It's not a drudgery nor is it prohibiting to wear them.

This isn't an article on what you should or should not wear, but it's just a simple experience I had.

For a couple or three months I worked with my father and brother on a couple construction sights where we were finishing one house and doing electrical on the other. As I worked, I noticed that from the very start, all the men treated me differently then they treated the other girls who would come from time to time. They would kindly greet me when I came in the morning. If they were headed out the door and I started coming towards the door too, they would quickly move out of the way and say “You first” or “ladies first”. If there was a door, they would would open doors for me. If they started to say a bad word and I showed up they would promptly stop! There were so many things that they did to treat me and respect me like a lady. I wondered why I was treated so different then the other girls. I was treated like a lady, they like men!! I felt bad for them because I thought “This isn't fare!”. I wasn't any more special then the others. One day one of the men said something like this (I can't remember his exact words) “It's so nice to see you come in to work every day with your pretty skirts...” I didn't wear anything really nice per-say , I was working so I went to work with my denim work skirts but anyhow.. I finally realized that I was treated differently because of the way I dressed and the way I acted. I'm not saying that I was perfect, I know that there were times when I could have done far better, acted in a different and far better way then I did. There were times when I failed in being a true christian young lady and I ask God's forgiveness. But the point I want to bring out is that if you wonder why you aren't being respected or treated as a girl perhaps it's because of you! The feminist movement, and society has trained our thinking that we must be like the men! We must dress like them, act like them, do all the things they do. We must do everything better then them. Practically we must be the leaders and they the followers. We have made men the way they are!

I have come to conclude that if we want to be respected and treated like ladies, then we must act like ladies and respect and treat men as men.
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