Sunday, May 9, 2010

Little Glimpse of Motherhood

That little arm wrapped around mine, those little legs clinging onto me, those little eyes looking up into mine with total trust, love and joy. Her face was wreathed in a big smile. I looked down into that sweet little face of the little one in my arms. My heart thrilled through and through and I overflowed with love for that precious little bundle of treasure. Precious little darling child. I can't explain how I felt then, perhaps it was like what a mother feels looking into her child. This little over a year old baby was so thrilled that I held her in my arms as I washed fixings for Salad and also that I washed her little hands and then allowed her to dip her hand in with mine as we together washed the greens and put them in the spinner. Every time she would put a leaf or two into the spinner or the bowl, she would look up at me with these sweet sparkling eyes and the biggest, cutest smile! Then I took her hand in mine and together we spun the water off the greens and then put them in the bowl. She was thrilled. She totally loved it and I totally loved it too! It was so worth it to have her look in my face with confidence and love and joy! I can't express how I felt and how it thrilled me! I thought into the future to the time that if God allowed, I would hold my very own little one in my arms. I thought about how it would thrill me to have my little one look into my face the same way and hold her arms out at me. I thought about how I would train and raise my baby... I am sooo very thankful for the the time that God allowed me to have a glimpse of motherhood, of what it would be like to be a mother.(No, this isn't the first time I held a baby in my arms, it's not the first time I felt joy when that child looked into my eyes but this was just another glimpse and a little more profound) If it was God's will that I marry and have a child someday.. I would count it as one of the greatest honors and blessings that God could ever give me, and one of the most solemn and awesome and high and noble and challenging a duty to raise that little one for God. I could do nothing less then my best and my all to raise that child for God and in the way He would want me to...


  1. Beautifully said, Elyssa! My thoughts are the same as yours...

  2. That's how I felt when I got to hold each of my nephews as babies... and more recently Cabie.
    One thing I gleaned from what you said... what to be grateful if it is God's will for us to married, with children. Often I just take it for granted that it'll just happen. But thanks for reminding me to truly grateful.


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