Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Worth it!

"The (Arnold) Pent's today," I typed in the google search bar. I'd just re-read their book, Ten Pea's in a Pod. It was so inspiring. I loved it. I thought about the family who had traveled a million miles for God, during the day. While I worked and thought... I thought about them.
"Did you know that the three oldest boys could recite the New Testament word for word?" I had to tell Mum.
In my head I wondered what they'd do, in different things. I laughed out loud about things I'd read, while I worked - things... like when one was going for a run at night, and a truck glided towards him silently, then honked the air horn. Poor boy jumped like a rocket.
But they were courageous and believing too. Like when no matter what, they'd have worship. On the road, or even in a room while staying in another's home.
Once, they were invited to a meeting. When they arrived they realized that it was a beer fest. I feel, how much they must have been 'out of their comfort zone.' But they shared, sang and recited the Bible still. And God worked with them. Through them, lives were brought to Jesus.
Reading the book, they become part of my life. I was excited about them and their experiences. I lived them.

I read other books, and didn't think about this book so much anymore. You could say I forgot it. I started getting right into reading the Bible. As I did I began imagining what Jesus would do in my situation. My brother came to me once, with a scraped back. I put papaw cream on it. It was bad. I could sense how it must feel. Then I saw in his back, a snippet of Jesus'. Ouch! The stripes lacerated into his back. And I felt the pain. I wished I could run a caressing hand over it, and put some cream on it too.

Whenever I could, I read the Bible.... when I was sorting the clod-lets out of the kamut. When the job needed full attention I sang. ...and thought about it. I talked Jesus.
I'm learning that what I read, is what I live. What I think, is a reflection of what I'm passionate about. Thinking about Jesus is refreshing. Reading the Bible is the worth it.


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  1. Being His is truly worth it!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :-)
    Love you


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