Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From Jesus' Heart

I will extend to you peace,
Like a river... I'll fill you & flood you with it.
I promise - my mercy will never cease.
I want our hearts to be knit.

I've called you by your name.
The sins are no more: I've forgiven you,
I've taken the blame.
The pain I bore because -I love you.

Don't give up, don't lose heart -
I'll lead you by the hand
To heaven. The glory, I want to share with you a part.
Believe; trust: I'll finish my work in you.

Today, I'm waiting, looking forward to seeing you...
Oh, I can barely wait. Stay true.
When you meet me at heaven's golden gate,
I'll give you a hug - I wish I didn't have to wait.

But until then, live in Me.
In My strength you can overcome all.
Keep climbing, since at the top, there Me, you'll see.
I'll pick you up when you fall...
Because I love you.


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