Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Empty Faces

Empty faces, I saw them all around me. From eye examiners, to secretaries, to salesmen, to the common person. I watched as one man came into the shop to pick up some glasses. He seemed to be living as if he had no purpose, no goal, no nothing. There was no spring in his steps, no smile on his face, no ambition, no aspiration. I saw some who seemed to be in deep discouragement their faces dark and sad. I saw faces that were lonely, faces that were wrinkled with age, trials and pain. Empty faces.. all around me.. oh how sad.

One little old lady was missing a leg seemed sad and lonely. I looked at her and smiled. Her face immediately shone and a broad smile crossed her face as she said hello. I said hello and gave her a broader smile and continued with my shopping. It made my heart a little lighter to know I was able to bring a little sunshine into a persons life.

I walked into a public restroom and there was a little girl her face clouded over with frustration. Her hands were covered with soap as she tried so hard to get the water to come on for her. It just wasn't working. Soon we were laughing and giggling as we tried to get the censers to sense our presence and turn the water on! In a few minutes a happy little girl was headed out the door.

Even if I was able to bring some happiness to a couple people, there were still so many others I longed to do something for. I longed do or say something to fill those empty faces with purpose, with joy and with courage. I saw a vast mission field. Not a mission field out in the jungles but right here 'under my nose'.. people need the Lord and wherever I am in the midst of them is a mission field.

"Lord, please teach me and show how to fill those empty faces with a knowledge of You, of Your love, Your justice, Your mercy, Your forgiveness, Your joy and Your peace that they may be able to experience it. That they may have a purpose in living and find peace and joy that only you can give."

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  1. Thanks, Lyss. This is really inspiring. God's work is right in our path, and what a blessing we could be, if we tried. Love you!


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