Friday, October 30, 2009

Can the Virgin Mary Take Care of Me?

An Irish boy asked his priest, "Will the blessed Virgin Mary take care of me?"

"Yes, my son, if you are true to all the requirements of the holy Catholic Church, she will take care of you."

"Are you sure she will take care of me?"

"Quite sure, if you do as I command you."

"Will she keep my soul, and take me to Heaven safely when I die?"

"Yes, if you die in the bosom of the Church."

"You are very sure, sir?"

"Yes; quite sure."

"Well, sir, I am not sure; for I read that once, in going from Jerusalem, she lost her own child; and if she could lose him she might lose me."

But Jesus can and will take care of you, and save you, if you put all your trust in him.
~The Youth's Instructor December 1, 1870

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The True Gain of Life

What is the true gain of life? Is it in seeking for wealth, fame, or pleasure? All these must soon pass away, and we can take nothing of this worlds riches with us.

What, then, should be the true aim in life? Manifestly to gain a knowledge of God, and to learn his ways; to get wisdom and understanding. Our service must be of love, and not of gain – expected self-gratification by and by.

Such service will never be repaid, and a lifetime spent in pleasing self is worse than wasted.

“Life is a service” to God or Satan. To whom, then shall our service be rendered?

A.R. Wilcox
The Youth's Instructor May 17, 1894
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