Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ask Not Why

Why the clouds instead of sun?

Why heartaches and sighs?

Why trials instead of none?

Why the tearful cries?

Why dreams are many crushed?

Why many unfair?

Why faithful ones are hushed?

Does Jesus not care?

He cares, yes so very much!

Then “why?” we may ask.

With a tender gentle touch

He bids, do your task

Trust Me, I know what is best.

I am always there,

just for you, so be at rest.

Yes, for you I care.

Your burdens patiently bear.

Someday you will learn

reasons of your tears n' care.

Do not give up or turn.

Be of good courage, stand fast,

For He holds your hand.

When in the good land at last

We shall understand.

~ Elyssa S. April 2007

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